Chinese Sourcing Fair, CSF in Sao Paulo “Universe” – the first Keppe Motor product on the world market

Chinese Sourcing Fair, CSF in Sao Paulo “Universe” – the first Keppe Motor product on the world market

Peter Schneider, Austrian journalist

It was just like a family reunion. The Keppe Motor team and key personnel from Metropolitan Ltd. in China got together at the China Sourcing Fair in Sao Paulo over the weekend. Joined by the creator of the “New Physics”, Dr. Norberto Keppe, the group was soon surrounded by thousands of Chinese industrial products customers to celebrate the launch of the debut product to emerge from the new venture – the ceiling fan with the remarkable name – “Universe”.

Thanks to the achievements of the Keppe Motor technicians, this innovative ceiling fan is blowing a breeze of change that ushers in the technology of the future. And their cutting edge work is being rewarded with the production of 100,000 units per month shipping to the world market at a very affordable price. Driven by the Keppe Motor, the Universe Ceiling Fan is up to 70% more efficient than traditional motors and combined with its extremely economical production costs, Universe constitutes the most efficient ceiling fan in the world today.

The excitement generated at the event stemmed from the innovative working and operating principle based on Keppe’s New Physics, and this caught the attention of an international group of journalists and buyers from Europe and North and South America. The technology is so encouraging that the governor of Zhongshan Province in China, where the Universe Ceiling Fan will be manufactured, says of the Metropolitan Ltd/Keppe Motor joint project, “Together we will be number 1 in the world in ventilation.”

This goal is within reach, and that means good news for consumers – especially as the Keppe Motor can be applied to many everyday items, including refrigerators, mixers, washing machines, bicycles, and all kinds of household and garden appliances. Prototypes are being developed now in many of these areas, all of them poised to fulfill the promise of the Keppe Motor: “New technology for a new world!”

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