Interview with Cesar Soos, Co-inventor of Keppean Scalar Motor

Interview with Cesar Soos, Co-inventor of Keppean Scalar Motor

On Oct. 20, 2008, Sterling D. Allan interviewed Cesar Soos, co-inventor of the Keppean Scalar motor, a breakthrough new motor that they hope will soon power everything from cars to industrial equipment. The Keppe Motor allegedly requires a quarter as much electricity to generate power as a normal motor, without getting hot, by allegedly capturing scalar energy from the “vacuum” of space. It is said to utilize bi-directional, resonant energy.

Cesar is a member of a group of Brazilian scientists going by the acronym “STOP”, for stopping the destruction of Earth. They will be open sourcing the motor to facilitate its rapid development and deployment to the wide number of applications.

The motor is named for Brazilian scientist, Dr. Norberto Keppe, whose book The New Physics Derived from A Disinverted Metaphysics proposes a spiritual-based direction for our planet’s technological philosophy.

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