Keppe Motor in Germany

Keppe Motor in Germany

We invite you to participate in the latest developments of the Keppe Motor technologies on September, 04 at the Conference on Free Energy.

The following is an outline of topics to be discussed at the Conference.

You can see the program schedule of the September conference a t in German.


Origins of the Keppe Motor:

• The discovery of inversion by Keppe

– Inversion as the key problem of human psychopathology
– The threefold nature of the human psyche

• The disinversion of classic metaphysics and its implications to science and specially physics

– Aristotle’s fundamental inversion passed on to modern science
– Keppe’s new view of epistemology and its implications to the scientific methodology

• New concepts of Keppe’s disinverted new physics

– Introduction of new physics concepts of internal vibration, action and complementation forces and essential potential by Keppe
– Electricity and entropy

• The Keppe Motor technology compared to the classic technology applied to electric motors;

– The different conventional electric motors and their applications
– A brief comparison between Ac/Dc supply and pulsed energy

– The Keppe Motor as a new piece of technology and its place in the market of motors
– The possible developments of the Keppe Motor for the near future
– Rotor shaping and stator coils topology: the importance of the forms as natural transducers of essential energy into magnetism and motion

• The Keppe Motor working principles as a doorway to harness free energy of space

– Resonance between pulses of the action and complementation forces as a way to capture the essential energy of space

• Energy savings and advantages of the Keppe Motor

– Current development of the Keppe Motor technology
– Some statistical data of energy consumption in Brazil and around the world
– The Keppe Motor implications for energy and money savings
– Health and environmental benefits derived from the immediate adoption of the Keppe Motor at the present stage of development for the world and human wealth

• Therapeutic applications of the Keppe Motor and results

– The Keppe Motor DNA: resonant dynamic magneto-therapy
– Some study cases

• Workshop with demonstration of KM prototypes

– Demonstration of the working principle with the “Baby” Keppe Motor
– Demonstration of energy savings between several models of conventional fans and Keppe Motor fans
– The Keppe Motor as the best choice for solar energy: a ¼ HP KM water pump for photovoltaic panels
– Keppe Motor portable lawn mower

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