Physics Should Be Referred to as Energetics

Physics Should Be Referred to as Energetics

Norberto R. Keppe, social scientist. Book extract from The New Physics Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics.

the-new-physics-derived-from-a-disinverted-metaphysics-norberto-keppeThe name Physics is erroneous, because matter itself is the result of scalar resonance imprisoned in a particular locale, which means that it is the consequence of an energetic vibration, therefore the name of this science should be Energetics. This inversion has caused great damage, because anyone who becomes interested in this field is influenced by this false idea. From the start, in all Physics books energy is typically linked with motion. As a matter of fact, 22 chapters in the Neil Ardley Dictionary of Science deal with this subject.

Einstein’s enormously influential theory of relativity attempted to explain all phenomena through movement. To a certain extent, he followed in the footsteps of Danish physicist Neils Bohr who believed that energy came from the stars. I believe that energetic power originates in space and this energy sustains and moves the solar systems and galaxies, as if the universe had a kind of “soul.” The very movement of the celestial bodies shows the existence of a dialectic within scalar energy, requiring two planes, or two poles (north and south, gravitational and magnetic). In order for these forces to work, they must always mesh in a circular motion. That is why the lines that Einstein referred to were curved, not straight.

In 1881, the American physicists Michelson and Morley performed an experiment with the speed of light on earth and found that it was constant in either direction–whether going in the same direction or opposing the rotation of the earth. Einstein believed that the speed of light was the universal constant he was looking for, and he used it as a starting point in all his analyses of motion.

Both Newton and Einstein believed that energetic systems derived from physical bodies in space – and not that these bodies move in accordance with the essential forces that move through the nucleus of each atom. This being the case, the suns, planets, comets and asteroids all travel together in harmony with scalar and orbital (magnetic gravitational) energies as a consequence. Einstein’s big mistake was believing that motion originates from particles (E = mc2). It seems as if the hardest thing for physicists to do is to disinvert the idea that matter is the source of energy, denying that every body contains both aspects.

Isaac Newton thought that gravity could not be explained by the motion of the celestial bodies alone, and that it came from energy. This fact is easily observed when iron filings which are thrown towards a magnet, immediately form a round pattern.

Einstein’s conclusion that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared (E = mc2) suggests an inverted idea, as if energetic force could derive from matter. I would like to correct this fundamental mistake and clarify that the particles themselves are the result of an atomic fusion between the forces of attraction and repulsion, which can be noted in the behavior of protons and electrons, resulting in that which Nikola Tesla called scalar resonance. Indeed, Newton’s Third Law of Motion establishes that forces always act in pairs known as action and reaction.

Protons and electrons are the first particles manifested by essential energy within the atomic nucleus, while neutrons are the first balanced force. They begin the action of the magnetic current, the source of all motion in the universe. The awareness that the basic atomic element is energetic is key, and because this occurs with all bodies, we must completely change the direction that scientific research is heading.

All magnetic processes can be divided into two types of force: attraction and repulsion. This occurs throughout the universe and keeps every celestial body in its proper place. To a lesser extent, man-made satellites are kept orbiting in space by the same force field. If electrical energy was transmitted by electrons, things would wear out rapidly, not only the transmitting cables themselves but also the force, due to its material origin. This is why Tesla built transformers which formed a new force field by contacting the magnetism in space.

Post source : The New Physics Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics.

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