The Energetics of Consciousness in Everyday Life

The Energetics of Consciousness in Everyday Life

19th ICAT – International Congress of Analytical Trilogy

Exploring the Psycho-socio Therapy of Dr. Norberto Keppe: Dis-Inverting an Upside Down World

By Richard Jones

Please let me take a moment to invite you to our 19th annual Congress at our beautiful hotel in scenic Cambuquira, Brazil. This year’s Congress will be very special.

We’re considering the practical application of the energetics of consciousness in all aspects of human life, including psychology, spirituality, psychosomatic medicine, sustainable justice, technology, business and the social sciences. Conference content is based on the discoveries of the great Brazilian psychoanalyst and social scientist, Dr. Norberto Keppe, who has pioneered “Analytical Trilogy,” an advanced form of psycho-socio-therapy. Lectures, workshops, panel discussions, interactive demonstrations, activities, and topics will include:

• “Inversion” – correcting I always tell inventors: “It is better to undersell and over-deliver, than the other way around.” I just returned from Brazil, visiting the STOP the Destruction of the World organization and their Keppe Motor project. The week and a half I was there was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It feels like coming back from Paradise Lost, or the upside down values of society whereby legislatures destroy the law, doctors destroy health, teachers miss-educate, etc.

• “NEW PHYSICS” – Disinverting scientific thinking and clarifying how material actually comes from an “essential energy” that can be harnessed and applied in technology

• “Keppe Motor” – the revolutionary energy saving motor (up to 90% more efficient than traditional motors) which is the fruit of Keppe’s dis-inverted physics

• “Healing through Consciousness” – training in the principles of psycho-socio-therapy and psychosomatic health – how to make a difference in your communities

• “Trilogical” Cooperative worker owned residences, businesses, cottage industries

• “Practicums” – hands-on work with numerous social, artistic, economic development projects; plus lessons in Portuguese through a dynamic method of language instruction;

The event will take place at our restored art-deco Grande Hotel Trilogia, which features saunas, swimming pools, a beauty salon, massage therapy; an organic vegetable garden; Consciousness concerts, authentic Brazilian cuisine; nearby Natural Healing Mineral Springs Water Park; an annual folkloric Divine Festival, which celebrates the universality of spiritual consciousness.

It promises to be a powerful and profound event. For details of the conference program and registration, or to submit a paper, visit We look forward to seeing you, and hope that you will share this letter and links with your circle of influence.

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